Senior Sticks FT3 - 

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3rd generation again back to full carbon!

Professional hockey stick with a great characteristics. Great shaft with its low kick effect and special shape with a slight dip to the inside (concave) is our standard, upon request we can produce full-convex or half-convex shaft. The stick is made of 100% carbon and we have never experienced breaking the blade. The stick is available in many different flexes and curves.

Standard is a dim grip, which allows the hand a confortable movements along the shaft.

More adhesive and shiny grip upon request.

• 160 cm long (from the heel of the blade up)

• 420 g - 450 g (depends of stiffness)

• flex 75, 80, 85, upon request stiffer

Intermediate Sticks FF3 -

jetzt in Ausverkauf!

3rd generation lighter and more durable!

This stick is great for the players in U11 - U15. We are basically offering it with flex 65 standard. Upon request with 60 or 70 flex with some extra lamellae in the corners of the shaft to make the stick stiffer. FF3 is a very light stick with great and trully professional characteristics. The kick point is lower in the shaft, which fits perfect to the players in that age using mainly wrist shots.

• 135 cm long (from the heel of the blade up)

• 410 g

• flex 65 (60 or 70 upon request)

Junior Sticks FL1

Very light 90% carbon junior composite stick with a great feeling in the small kid's hand. Thanks to a special shaft shape, which is higher and narrower than other sticks, the players have stiffer grasp and better control of the puck with the ability to put more power in the shot.

Blade is 100% carbon, reinforced with abs to extend the durability.

• 115 cm long (from the heel of the blade up)

• 310 g

• 50 flex (more flexible than other brands)

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