02. - 07. August 2020 Zimní Stadion Benešov (CZE)

KATO Skate and Skills Camp U10 - U15

For skaters and goalies – From Sunday Afternoon to Friday early afternon.
Für Feldspieler und Torhüter – Sonntag Nachmittag bis Freitag Mittag.

• 11 x On-Ice Practice s with top coaches / 11 x am Eis mit Top-Männer •

• Shooting Training / Schusstechnik •

• Puck-handling / Stocktechnik •

• Skating technic / Eislauftechnik •

• Off-Ice Trainings with a top trainer / Trockentrainings •

• Special goalie trainings with an experienced coach / Tormanntrainings mit einem Top-Mann •

• Games and lots of fun / Spaß und Spiele •

• Swimmimg pool entry included / Schwimmen •

After the reconstruction, the ice quality matches the highest standards and is suitable for league games as well as international events. The fully equipped sports facility offers also a fitness room, indoor swimming pool, grass-pitch and tennis courts. There is a restaurant directly in the ice-rink, next to the hotel, which was renovated in 2017. So in the free time the kids can play outside, in the hotel lobby or they can travel between restaurant, hotel room and the dressing room within a minute. The camp staff will be accommodated in the same hotel.
Accommodation and Dining
The junior participants are accommodated in the Sporthotel Zimní Stadion, which is located directly in the ice rink, just next to the restaurant and above the dressing rooms. It has 34 beds in newly renovated rooms. We can use the hotel lobby as well. The restaurant has large windows, where you can watch your kids playing hockey.

Tomáš Kala – Camp Manager
Daniel Vítů – Head Instructor
Jaroslav Sirotek – On and Off-Ice Instructor
Ján Vrtík – On and Off-Ice Instructor
Ondrej Lukáč – On-Ice Instructor
Dominic Dieber – Goalie's Head Instructor
Jaro Pejcl – On-Ice & Off-Ice Head Instructor

Hráského Str. 1913
256 01 Benešov u Prahy
Czech Republic


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